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Sept 28, 2008

The 4th Space X attempt. 1st success after 3 failures that bankrupted Space X and Tesla. Elon Musk has chosen to be all in and is borrowing money for rent at this point.

We are

We design and execute market-driven solutions to large world problems.

And build high-growth profitable technology companies in the process.

Market is the truest measure of the will the people. why?

Hence, Profit is the truest measure of a problem being solved. how?

And Entrepreneurs are the closest that comes to possible Agents of Change, Creators of value and Doers that push the world forward.

For the only change that’s true is that what occurs outside the realm of our greed for control i.e. for things to be the way we want them to be.

Yet, most are blinded by a singular, shiny path of high stakes gamble; VC style.
We are an alternative.

The idea of a path that chases future speculative opportunities, artificially fueled by external capital and one that makes disproportionate risk virtuous is sub-optimal. For the odds are stacked against the entrepreneur.

There exist unsexier but higher yield paths with higher probabilities of success. We offer that path. Led by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We chase hyper growth opportunities that are profitable today.

Guided by the Market, driven by Technology and blessed by Compounding.

We are currently working on:

Poverty is the worst form of violence

Building a high growth, low-risk model that lets anyone who chooses to submit to it, reach a state of abundance i.e. 100 cr in 3 years.

Current progress

Pilot of stage 1 successful

Now, testing for scale and width

Economic Freedom

A future where exists permissionless innovation, individual liberty, voluntary trade based on value and consent and where you truly own the fruits of your labor is worthy of chasing.

Coming soon
Past spaces we have worked in:
Education 2018

Top notch K-12 education at Rs. 1/day

Async video lectures + social discipline + mobile distribution

Last high achieved

Number of active students: 5K+

Unit margin: ~ 20%

Ad Tech 2017

Leveraging the distribution arbitrage between social and branded traffic

Last high achieved

Traffic volume: 0.5 million uniques/day

Unit margin: 20%

Governance 2016

Making it politically profitable to deliver governance

Flexible reshaped voter blocs based on local issues + mobile distribution + crowdfunded bounty for policies

Meri Awaaz Project
Housing 2015

When you go all in for your dream house, you shouldn't have to do it blind.

Travel 2014

Travel agents exist because of Information Asymmetry. They shouldn't.

News Media 2013

Influence is the moat, not pageviews.

Payments 2012

Web is built on links. A unique link should be enough to sell on the web.

Our guiding stars
The Mutineer's Code

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor. ~Musk


We can be wrong. We often are. But we shall never be in doubt.


Good is a bad word. Would history have remembered Alexander the good? Good is not good enough.

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We reject fame. But sometimes it occurs.
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